Prayer Needs

1.  Stand with me for the sanitation license from Coepris!! 
2. Believe with me that we will have running water all year! 
3. Confess with us that God has blessed our bread and our water and has removed all sickness from our midst . 
4. Believe with us that Pan De Vida is a Refuge for those in need of Salvation!! and refuge! 
5 . Plead with me for His Mercy and Grace over Pan de Vida (for all who live with in ) 6. Let’s all give Him Praise and Glory!! For the blood of the Lamb that is over Pan de Vida!! 

Amen!! Love you all! Be blessed!!

Prayer always comes first, as we know the Lord Jesus is our provider. 

If the Lord lays on your heart to help with any of these needs, contact Esther at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..