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Updates from the Pan de Vida mission.

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March 2022

Hello everyone, 

Howdy!! One year has gone by so quickly.  Sometimes we don’t feel like it has been so long since we’re living in 2021.  This was a year standing in faith, believing in God‘s promises, and of course not forgetting that He will never leave us.  It was just a like we went through COVID for the second time.  I made it through having COVID because God was with me and He saw me through.  He is so good!!  We are still working on the van and "Grandpa" the Buick.  Our helpers said they were going to get it legalized last year, but we didn’t get the permissions. Finally it looks like now they are going to get it done when they started coming to see us from Laredo, but we still haven’t been able to finish the papers.  I’m looking forward to their visit so that the van  and the Buick can be officially Mexican.  This is an important step so we can get Mexican insurance and not worry whether we are keeping to the right distance for the American insurance to cover us.

In other news, Merari and Estrella have left Pan de Vida to be with relatives.  Estrella is continuing her education and Merari has gotten a good job where she lives and works in Reynosa.  

We have a family of 4 including 2 boys,  Edgar age 7 and Nedy age 6, Edgar, the father who is partially blind, and his wife Oliva.  We are blessed to have Edgar become our handy man and Olivia is cooking.  We are getting a lot of work done at Pan de Vida and will be doing a lot more with their help.  They stay 4 days out of the week at Pan de Vida to work from sun rise to sunset.  They love the Lord and have a love for the children at PDV.  They have been and will continue to be a blessing to PDV.

We have also received three siblings with 2 girls, Marbella age 9 and Melanie age 7 and one boy, Emmanuel age 5.  We are blessed to continue to serve the children of our community and send off the older young adults to live productive lives in the Lord. 

You all be blessed,
Sister Esther

The Muffin Tin

February Birthdays

Gonzalo age 20

April Birthdays 

Deborah age 16

Kneading the Dough


Praise God that we have Edgar to work on the PDV property. We need to do a lot of repairs including: painting, putting up screens, plumbing, having the septic tanks emptied, putting new lines for the sewer, wash the kitchen roof and repaint, window glass replaced, and screens replaced too.  The weather and COVID have made it hard to get these things done, but hopefully they can be done by beginning of March.  We can use money to get the supplies and pay Edgar for the great work that he is doing. 

Prayer needs:
For materials 
For wisdom 
For strength 
For favor and grace with all authority and documents that have to be filled out 
and that we can be a testimony to those who don’t believe that all things are possible with God!!! 

Also we still have a legal situation of full custody for two children that we don’t have for the same reason (System stinks) 
Praying and believing to resolve this situation. Please be in agreement with us.

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